About Co-Codamol

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Co-Codamol is a pain-killing substance which makes use of two ingredients – paracetamol and codeineto reduce pain’s effect on the brain. It is used to relieve short term pain.

How Can You Buy Co-Codamol?

You can only buy one strength level of co-codamol in pharmacies without a prescription. The levels of paracetamol are equivalent in all three dosage strengths; it is the higher level of codeine in the other two dosage strengths that makes this drug heavily regulated and only purchasable through a prescription.

How To Take Co-Codamol?

As with any drug, before ingesting co-codamol, you must pay attention to both the manufacturer’s and your doctor’s instructions. Take the drug in the exact dosage and form that you are told. That said, there are some general rules which do apply to all instances of ingesting co-codamol:

  • The painkiller can be taken before or after a meal.
  • Do not exceed the maximum dose; this will not give you increased pain control. Rather, it is incredibly dangerous and will result in an overdose, as with any drug.
  • Make yourself aware of any side effects and be sure to document any effects that you may feel. This will be incredibly useful for consulting with your health practitioner.

Making Sure Co-Codamol Works Right For You

If you do not feel that the painkiller is working effectively enough for you, do not hesitate to contact your medical practitioner. They will be able to help diagnose what may be wrong and potentially provide you a higher dose for increased pain control. Do not, under any circumstances, increase the dosage of the drug on your own; this is highly dangerous and can result in a severe overdose.

Please take care not to use co-codamol for more than three days in a row. As with any drug containing codeine, this can have adverse effects. If you find that after three days, your pain has not subsided, speak with your medical practitioner.


  • As with any painkiller, please do not take co-codamol with alcohol. The combination of painkiller and alcohol has an increased likelihood of causing drowsiness.
  • If you are to buy co-codamol, do not purchase any other drug containing paracetamol. Only one drug containing this compound is to be ingested at a time.
  • Take care to maintain a well-balanced diet while using co-codamol. This will reduce your likelihood of developing constipation due to the drug.
  • If you feel dizzy at any time while taking co-codamol, take care to move slowly. Do not rapidly get up; sit down and allow yourself to regain control.

More Important Information

  • When you buy co-codamol with a prescription or even over the counter, it is for you. Do not provide this drug to anyone else, under any circumstances. If it is required, their doctor will provide it to them. Not only is providing painkillers of this nature to someone else harmful, it is also illegal.
  • Never keep expired or out of date co-codamol pills. Return these to your doctor.
  • If you are going to be carrying out any dental or other health procedures while taking co-codamol, inform the medical practitioner as you would with any other drug.
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